Who is God, Yehweh or Jesus?

How can the creatures be equated with Creator? from 33AD till 300~AD there were lot of confusion, regarding who is God either GTF or Jesus but after Nicene meeting, it was evolved/arrived as three person in one God?! to save their kingdom, but that has given us a new perspective, Meaning Jesus God, sacrificed himself to Himself? to redeem the world from sins and death, in particular, but we have our Life expectancy rate reducing, though! and sins have increased with there varieties!

As I am aware of changing either wife, children or parents, but here we have changed God himself, as. GTF is a punishing God, but we need a very loving, not punishing, always giving a second chance…Can anyone enlighten me, on this important topic?

Prophets, are the people who are supposed to know God, better. Better, than all others!

So, In today’s life context, if a owner of the company,(GTF) to build this company he has toiled all the way to bring it, to a level(earth) but as he has full faith on his newly appointed MD, (interviewed and appointed by Him,Jesus) gives him authority over all things? can we call him owner for lifelong, also new appointees(younger new generations) will never know about the owner as we the present employees never talk about the owner nor kept His photo anywhere in the company premises for the newly appointed to know the past, as the owner is away, only for sometime. In this case we are trying make the appointee as the Owner?

And we are doing this at whose cost? Our children and grand children, who know nothing of your plot to kill them mercilessly.

This is the main reason for our  and our Children’s, suffering, it can be in any part of the world! As humans, Kindly don’t find reasons to blame and find scapegoats either to make God as we need to know the reality, we will punished if we sin against God, no mercy! after knowing the truth.

Let us worship Our Creator! He will be pleased and bless us in His way, not ours!

Roman Catholic church created a divine Christ and an infallible Scripture.

‘Jesus’ establishment as the ‘Son of God’ was officially proposed and voted on by the Council of Nicea.” “until that moment in history [the council of Nicaea in 323 AD], Jesus was viewed by his followers as a mortal prophet”
“The divinity of Jesus was first raised and established at the Council of Nicaea in A.D. 325, “ prior to that time, no one—not even Jesus’ or his followers—believed Jesus was anything more than a “mortal prophet.”
It was a power play for Roman Emperor Constantine as, The Emperor led the bishops to declare Jesus as the Son of God by a VOTE.it was political, THOUGH AS HE HAD TO SAVE HIS KINGDOM,
The council boldly claimed Jesus being uncreated as the faith of the Church and named Arianism as a heresy and Arians as heretics. This was NOT a close vote? Only two out of more than 300 bishops failed to sign the creed.
If Jesus is not God then what He said, was adopted from East, where he learnt a lot, from the age of 12 to 29 years, what we are talking as missing years, there are enough proof that he was in India,
The first modern writer to claim Jesus traveled to India was Nicolas Notovitch in 1894. In 1908, the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ taught that between the ages of 12 and 30 Jesus traveled to India, Tibet, Persia, Assyria, Greece, and Egypt.

Other claims have followed a similar pattern, yet none are rooted in solid historical research comparable in date to the traditional Gospel accounts.

In fact, many of these “Jesus in India” theories arise from the confusion of Jesus with the Kashmiri saint, Issa Yuz Asaf (“Jesus Son of Joseph”).

Even his death and resurrection is in question, as his body is believed to be buried in Rozbal in Kashmir, all this because of the link with migrated jews from Jacob time, KINGS from EAST visited because of this link, only.

When Notovitch made this tantalizing connection with the Jesus of the Bible, many later researched the claim and found the allegations lacking any sufficient evidence. Yet still today the legendary stories of Jesus in India continue to be found online and in other media, suggesting an “alternative” theory regarding the “missing years” or “lost years” of Jesus between His childhood and time of public ministry.

The last word left is, …DNA TEST, with available evidence!?