Who is ruling us? Is it God or satan?

I am getting this basic doubt, with this as the base…

As even Jesus was tempted, the gospel reading speaks of a mysterious event, just after Jesus’ baptism, in which Jesus himself was tempted by the devil in the wilderness!

1) Jesus’ first trial: forbidden food:-  but we are eating only forbidden food, and breaking Gods commandments, from Adam, till today breaking Gods commandment on coveting then having for ourself…

2) Jesus’ second trial: false worship:-  we are worshiping only illusion money & material, false fame, forbidden sex…

3) Jesus’ third trial: testing God:-  We are taking all wrong decisions, throughout our life and in the end when it seems impossible, we start blaming God for our living situations?

We have been failing to our senses and forgetting the purpose and the truth of our existence. So can we conclude our King is…             *(long live the King) or we are going to kill the Satan and bring back our King?

Jesus, could not do this, maximum he could achieve was to control his senses, but die a human death living in every human who has faith…But we will be living today enjoying every moment pleasing our senses, but when time comes, we will also perish like millions who have died and vanished from this world? But people who are remembered are the one who have lived life worth to remembered in a very good way or people who have shown in their life that we should not live like them are ones who have captured their place in worlds history.

Conclusion:- What are we? For good in Heaven or bad in Hell?

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